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Fintech Takes is a twice-weekly newsletter (and weekly podcast) by Alex Johnson, a former fintech operator and industry analyst who quit his job to document the future of fintech.

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Meet Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson is the founder of Fintech Takes, a media brand focused on the intersection of financial services, technology, and public policy. In his 2x weekly newsletter and weekly podcast, Alex explores the ideas and companies changing the way that money works, with plenty of analogies and pop culture references along the way!

Prior to founding Fintech Takes, Alex spent 20+ years in various marketing, strategy, and market research roles at companies, including Cornerstone Advisors, FICO, Mercator Advisory Group, and Zoot Enterprises. He is a recognized expert in fintech and his analysis has been featured in American Banker, The Wall Street Journal, and NBC Nightly News.

Alex Lives in Montana and spends his spare time hiking and chasing his young children around.

Fintech Takes

Tune into Fintech Takes — the show where fintech’s biggest nerds come to sit back, relax, and completely geek out. Join Alex Johnson and a lineup of fintech’s brightest minds as they dissect what’s happening in fintech and banking. From riveting conversations with fintech’s most relevant operators to comprehensive recaps of the month's most compelling news stories and in-depth analyses of the latest regulatory developments, Fintech Takes is your one-stop-shop for navigating the fintech universe.


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Fintech Office Hours

Staying up-to-date with the fast-paced, dynamic changes in the fintech industry can be challenging!

Join Alex as he demystifies our industry’s most pressing news and answers your burning questions.



Fintech 101

Here's your crash course for everything fintech. Learn about the most important parts of our industry with minimal confusion — and maximum impact. Master the basics, stand out among your colleagues, and compete in any job market that benefits from fintech expertise.