2: S2 Ep2: NFIA: Zerodha, Link, Ready Life, Goldenset Collective

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 8, 2023

Which fintech companies do you need to know about? Alex and guest, Simon Taylor, turn the spotlight on four companies that caught their attention this month and talk about the larger trends behind these companies.

Simon is the writer of the Fintech Brainfood newsletter.

He and Alex dive into four interesting companies disrupting investing, payments, mortgage lending, and creator fintech. 

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00:00 Intro

01:43 Still NOT Fintech Investment Advice

02:22 Unpacking The Offer

05:20 Simon’s Rant

09:11 Keeping Users On Platform

10:05 Account To Account Payment Powered By Open Banking

19:43 Buy Now, Pay Later Model

21:04 The Fintech Disruptor

23:59 Banging The Drum For Long Term Benefits

32:01 The Future Of Mortgage Lending

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson