2: S3 Ep2: BNC: What Makes a Bank Safe, the Federal Discount Window, and Innovation in Banking

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
April 12, 2023

With the benefit of some hindsight (finally), what are the big takeaways from SVB?


Kiah Haslett, managing editor of Bank Director, is in the studio to chat with Alex about why the SVB collapse is redefining how we think about “safe” banking. 


They explain how a herd mentality and poor time management culminated in SVB’s failure and dissect why a safe bank could actually contain so much risk. 


Plus, Kiah and Alex discuss why the stigma surrounding the Federal Reserve Window is so great and debate whether or not banks can be good at both innovation and risk management.


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0:00 Intro

6:29 SVB Failure

15:19 What Makes a Bank Safe?

19:36 Running Out of Time

24:12 Other Banks Facing Similar Issues to SVB

29:42 BaaS, Neobanks, and FinTech

34:50 Wait— what? (Federal Discount Window)

53:37 Choosing Between Innovation and Risk Management

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson