3: S3 Ep3: Fintech’s Biggest Unsolved Problems with Nina Mohanty

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
April 19, 2023

Co-founder of Bloom Money, Nina Mohanty, drops by the podcast to discuss just how many unsolved problems remain in fintech and financial services.


She and Alex talk about a few of the most notable unsolved problems including credit invisibility, the inaccessibility (and unsexiness) of home ownership, and why the Western banking system is largely unequipped to support migrants and refugees.


6:10 Unsolved Problems in Fintech & Credit Invisibility

17:40 Non-Consumer-Facing Credit Methods

20:33 Social Media, Money, and Happiness

29:00 Mortgages and Fintech

40:45 Immigration and Financial Services 

52:17 Outro


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson