6: Exploring Payroll Connectivity: Lending, with Argyle

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 2, 2023

In this special, four-part series, Fintech Takes’ Alex Johnson explores the wide-reaching implications of programmatic, consumer-permissioned access to payroll data. 


In this episode, Alex chats with Matt Gomes, GM of Consumer Lending and Banking at Argyle, and Jonathan Katz, VP of Client Development at Amount, about how payroll data is transforming the lending process and unlocking innovative new product concepts.


They tackle why banks should use payroll data to drive higher levels of automation and provide a better customer experience, how credit reports are inherently flawed (and why change is necessary), and how payroll connectivity helps lenders make better decisions.


Plus, Jonathan and Matt offer their predictions for what consumer lending will look like in the near future. 


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0:00 Intro

2:23 Lending

10:21 Gaps in Credit Reports

20:36 Integrating Data with Lenders

26:30 The Compliance Aspect of New Data

33:39 The Nuances of Actual Income

36:28 Consumer Verification

41:52 Where Are We Going Next?

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson