7: Exploring Payroll Connectivity: Mortgage, with Argyle

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 9, 2023

In this special, four-part series, Fintech Takes’ Alex Johnson explores payroll connectivity from a variety of perspectives.


In today’s episode, John Hardesty and Kyle Green talk with Alex about how payroll connectivity streamlines the mortgage lending process, making it more straightforward than ever before for borrowers and lenders alike. 


As a GM of Mortgage at Argyle, John gives his insights into the cost structure of mortgage lending, the obstacles facing the employment verification process, and how regulators benefit through increased access to payroll data.


Meanwhile, Kyle, a Senior Product Manager for Simple Nexus, shares his unique opinions about the user experience of mortgage lending technology and the common pain points along the employment verification process.


Plus, what do both envision for the future of mortgage lending technology?


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0:00 Intro

3:32 Mortgage as an Industry

10:31 Cost Structure of Mortgage Lending

14:44 Verification

18:32 Historical Background of Verification

24:50 Consumer Permission/Payroll Access

32:12 The Changing Nature of Employment

39:35 Regulators and Technology

44:45 The Future of Mortgage Lending

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson