9: S3 Ep5: Four of Fintech’s Most Disruptive Companies, with Simon Taylor

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 24, 2023

On this week’s podcast, Alex is joined by the wise and powerful Simon Taylor, who’s taking a break from the dreary UK weather to break down a few of the most promising fintech startups and banking as a service platforms.

How does Zamp’s outsourced treasury and finance team have a structural advantage in the marketplace? Can ProductFi deliver on its promises to reach underserved communities and still manage to scale? Will Playbook make good on its promise to democratize access to tax advantages for the rest of the 99%? 

And how is a Brazilian fintech company utilizing chatbot technology to help 25 million plus self-employed citizens? 

Tune in to discover how these innovative companies are disrupting the financial industry and changing the way we think about banking and finance!


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson