10: S3 Ep6: BNC: Is Apple Card the End of Banks/Refinancing Commercial Mortgages/First Republic Bank

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 31, 2023

What happens when $270 billion of commercial mortgages expire and mature? 

In this week’s Bank Nerd Corner, Alex chats with Managing Editor at Bank Director, Kiah Haslett, about the latest in fintech news, and today they’re tackling what might happen to small banks now that commercial real estate companies are faced with refinancing at significantly higher interest rates. 

Plus, what’s the outcome for banks like First Republic Bank, who aren’t in the immediate throes of a liquidity crisis but aren’t really profitable either? Can they simply ride it out as they limp along? 

Then, stay tuned as Kiah and Alex discuss the reasons why bank regulators aren’t always on the same page and whether or not Apple can actively pull in deposits and compete with banks.


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson