1: S4 Ep1: Fintech Recap: Goldman Offloads Apple/the Rise of Data Fraud Consortiums/Monetizing Outrage

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
July 12, 2023

Our favorite fintech obsessive is back from parental leave, and he’s ready to tackle all of the latest fintech news you might have missed from the last couple of weeks with fellow obsessive and fintech newsletter writer, Jason Mikula. 

Alex and Jason break down the latest announcement from Goldman that they’re in talks to offload their partnership with Apple to American Express. What’s the reasoning for this abrupt reversal in an otherwise successful launch of the Apple Savings Feature? And is it the final straw in the unraveling of Goldman’s consumer ambitions, or is Apple just a hard partner to work with?  

Then, Alex and Jason cover the surging interest in data fraud consortiums, the leaky funnel surrounding middleware BaaS platforms, and one of the worst FDIC false claims situations Jason has ever seen. 

Plus, is crypto finally cannibalizing itself with the latest launch of Justice tokens? 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson