2: S4 Ep2: BNC: MOVEit’s Security Breach, Bank M&A, and the Hidden Risks of Faster Money Movement

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
July 19, 2023

It’s time for another round of Bank Nerd Corner with Alex and special guest host Kiah Haslett, and thankfully, only one bank has collapsed since its return.

Kiah and Alex are geeking out on all the latest news, like MOVEit’s massive data breach, which highlights the relevance of third and fourth-party risks. With over 140 organizations hacked and 15.5 million people’s data compromised, exactly how many disclosures should be released relative to the victims? 

Plus, they tackle why there’s about to be an explosion of bank M&A deals happening in the near future, debate if FedNow’s instant money transfers will make banking more fragile than ever, and answer whether or not fintech is actually winning the deposits war.


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson