4: S4 Ep4: The Opportunity to Help Independent Workers in Brazil, with Isaac Matzner

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
August 2, 2023

The number of independent workers in Brazil is surging, but still, full employment benefits elude most contract workers. How can this problem be fixed? 

In this week’s pod, Alex is taking a deep dive into the world of Brazilian fintech to unpack the state of embedded insurtech with Isaac Matzner, co-founder of Teddy.  

They discuss the differences between employment benefits in America versus Brazil, dissect the reasons why both Brazilian and Western insurance companies need to find value beyond pricing, and envision what a sustainable model should look like for the future of embedded finance.

Then, the two spend a few minutes chatting about the joys of fatherhood. 


0:00 Intro and Explaining Teddy

8:35 Fintech in Brazil

15:32 Adding Value to Insurance

24:16 Embedded Insurance

34:26 Believing in an Embedded Finance Future

42:40 Lessons From a Startup

42:40 Parenting and Outro


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson