5: S4 Ep5: Fintech Recap: Instant Money Madness, Sam Altman’s Dystopian Future, and a Cannabis Debit Card Kerfuffle

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
August 9, 2023

Was Zelle a stupid way of introducing real-time payments? Is OpenAI’s CEO going all in on making Minority Report a reality? And has Alex secretly been a Swifty this whole time?

On this month’s Fintech Recap, Alex and cohost Jason Mikula, dissect the right way to add monetization and value to real-time money movements and debate if Zelle missed a valuable opportunity to drive revenue. Should instantaneous money movement be a basic human right? 

Then, the guys discuss the battle of credit card interchange fees, debit card processing for marijuana dispensaries, and Sam Altman’s vaguely dystopian vision of the future. Do we really need crypto incentives for a retinal-based global form of identification to separate us from artificial intelligence when we’re living off universal basic income? Can we just agree we’re not there yet, Sam? 

And stay tuned for this week’s “Can’t Let it Go” segment!


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson