S4 Ep6: BNC: Apple is Too Popular, Credit Card Balances Spike, Make CDs Sexy Again

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
August 16, 2023

It’s time for another episode of Bank Nerd Corner with America’s favorite banking and fintech editor, Kiah Haslett, and there’s only been one bank failure since she Alex last talked!

This week they’re discussing Apple’s latest savings product and the company’s complete disinterest in playing the deposit gathering game the way that the big banks do.

Then, what’s causing credit card balances to spike? Is it the weird ripples in the economy, or do consumers simply feel overly confident they can pay off their balances? Could it be a sign that consumer financial health is deteriorating?  

Plus, Kiah and Alex also tackle government lending programs in fintech, what makes The Bancorp’s business model so great, and the case for making CDs sexy again. And last but not least, Kia goes off on why these absurd fintech acronyms need to stop. 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson