S4 Ep8: Not Fintech Investment Advice: AI’s Fintech Footprint, PayPal’s Bold Stablecoin Move, Making Community Banks Profitable

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
August 30, 2023

In this month’s special episode of “Not Fintech Investment Advice,” Alex sits down with fintech guru Simon Taylor to talk through some fintech companies that have recently caught their attention.

They delve into how AI is reshaping risk assessment and unpack how platforms like Chorus are utilizing custom GPT models to screen for risks, allowing financial professionals to focus on what truly matters most and leave the mundane paperwork behind. Is fintech a more creative process than most give it credit for? 

Plus, Simon and Alex explore the potential of Grounded Technologies, a new-age platform aiming to reshape community banks’ access to deposits and other assets. In a world where demand isn’t the problem, but supply is, can community banks find their way to profitability without necessarily scaling up?

And, with PayPal stepping into the stablecoin arena, Simon sheds light on his decades’ worth of crypto insights. For a deep dive into the future of finance and the innovations at its forefront, this conversation is a must-listen.


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson