S4 Ep9: Fintech Recap: Current’s Credit Building Card, Plaid’s New Partnership, and Niche Neobanks Making It Work

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
September 6, 2023

On this week’s Fintech Recap, Alex and Jason unravel the latest industry buzz and breakthroughs in fintech.

And in this episode, they’re diving into neobank Current’s unique credit-building charge card— how is it reshaping spending dynamics, and how will regulators manage to prevent losses? Plus, discover the intricacies of Plaid’s partnerships with Pinwheel and Atomic.

Later, Jason and Alex discuss the platform, Synapse, exploring BaaS deposits and their regulatory implications before getting into Roger’s niche neobank tailored for military members and recruits. 


And finally, it wouldn’t be an episode of Fintech Recap without a bit of crypto insanity to liven up the podcast, would it?


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0:00 Intro

2:20 Current’s Credit Building Card

13:00 Plaid’s New Partnership

24:35 BaaS and Risk

35:21 Roger’s Military Recruit Neobank 

44:45 Crypto Transactions


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson