S4 Ep11: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Generative AI & Compliance, Reinventing the ERP, The Case For CDs

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
September 20, 2023

Get ready for another episode of Not Fintech Advice with Simon Taylor! 

In this episode, Alex and Simon dive into the world of generative AI and its potential as a disruptive innovation. How is AI revolutionizing middle and back-office processes?

Alex and Simon also divulge their thoughts on the corporate spend management space and the broader world of ERPs (isn’t it time we finally reinvent the ERP?) 

Selling to banks as a fintech company can be challenging, but Alex has a solution. Plus, meet Chargeflow, a company using AI and machine learning to automate chargeback fighting. And find out why Alex is making the case for CDs to bring sexy back.


00:00:00 – Fintech Takes: Not Fintech Investment Advice

00:03:00 – Parallel and the Corporate Card Space

00:09:23 – Rippling Launches Runway: Spend Management Platform

00:13:03 – Regulated Companies Use Chart to Ensure Compliance with Chatbots

00:18:36 – The Power of Context in Marketing

00:24:12 – Automating Chargeback Fighting with AI

00:28:19 – The Rise of Friendly Fraud: Explained

00:37:55 – Automating Banking Processes with AI

00:47:30 – Reviving the Sexiness of CDs

00:52:41 – Challenges of Bank-Fintech Partnerships 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson