S4 Ep12: Breaking Down the Five Waves of Fintech, with Charles Birnbaum

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
September 27, 2023

You can’t disrupt fintech unless you fully understand its storied history. So what are the biggest lessons we can take away from the past? 

Join Alex for a fascinating conversation with Charles Birnbaum, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and author of the article “The Five Waves of Fintech,” as they dive into the five major phases of disruption in the financial services industry.

From before the term “fintech” was coined to the impending technological ripples in the future and beyond, Charles shares his insights on the different segments within fintech and the proof points needed for fintech companies to succeed in the coming years. 

And later, Alex and Charles discuss the embedded fintech wave and its slower-than-expected progress, as well as the potential catalysts for a new wave of innovation. 


00:02:55 – Understanding the History of Fintech

00:08:44 – Wave One

00:17:47 – Wave Two

00:21:29 – The Future of Valuing Fintech Businesses

00:29:38 – The Slow Rise of Fintech

00:34:07 – Navigating Sales in the Financial Industry

00:40:30 – Wave Three

00:41:35 – Wave Four

00:50:50 – Wave Five

00:56:07 – New Waves in Real-Time Payments


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson