S5 Ep2: The Role of Supervisors/Adverse Action Notices/Building a Better PFM

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
October 11, 2023

Conference season is here and Kiah Haslett is here to break down all the latest news and events in banking and fintech, including all the hot conference goss and Alex’s big plans for coming out of an early retirement to play one last game of pickup basketball at Money 20/20.

Then, Alex and Kiah dive into the intricacies of the OCC’s 2024 Bank Supervision Operation Plan, outlining priorities for bank supervisors. How, exactly, can we expect supervisors to monitor all of the different areas they’re being tasked with managing? And, as the role of the OCC shifts, will they be able to effectively balance familiarity with objectivity in examinations? 

Later, Alex and Kiah discuss the implications of the new CFPB guidelines, commiserating over whether or not there’s a way to dispense adverse action notices without having it undermine the underwriting process. Then, they ask another unanswerable question – what is the right way to build a personal financial management app? 

Also, stay tuned to find out why Alex’s head might explode if he hears one more founder refer to their child as a seed fund…


00:05:03 – Fintech Conference Organizes Pickup Basketball

00:11:24 – Regulators’ Plan to Supervise Fintech-Bank Partnerships

00:14:35 – OCC Collaborates with Banks on Fintech Partnerships

00:24:43 – New Guidance on Declined Credit Applications

00:32:29 – CFPB’s Role in Overdraft Fee Disclosures and AI Underwriting

00:39:22 – How Banks Can Cultivate Better Customers

00:44:50 – Wait… BUT WHY???

00:50:12 – An Unanswerable Question

00:58:31 – Budgeting Apps that Analyze Spending

01:05:55 – Why Banks Need Personal Financial Apps

01:09:49 – How Personal Finance Tools Benefit Banks


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson