S5 Ep7: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Spreadsheets Never Say Die, HiFi Unifies Music’s Fractured Income Stream, and Subscription-Based Climate Tech

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
November 15, 2023

Sure Clippy may have died over a decade ago (RIP, little buddy), but some things in Microsoft Office just can’t seem to be killed off, no matter how hard fintech tries (*cough* Excel *cough*). Are spreadsheets simply too sticky to die? And who’s the new fintech company trying to make them marketable again? 

It’s time for another round of “Not Fintech Investment Advice,” and Alex is joined by the man, the myth, the legend himself, Simon Taylor. 

This week, they’re breaking down Aleph’s bold plan to revitalize spreadsheets. With major companies like Notion and Zapier adopting Aleph, they must be on to something… right? 

Then, Alex and Simon dissect the app that’s helping musicians and artists bring predictability to their cash flow using biweekly payment options. With the rise of fractured income streams and the growing creator economy, can we expect fintech to find a product wedge here?

Plus, stay tuned to hear Alex and Simon’s hot takes on Cloverly’s climate tech solution, Hypercard’s employer-sponsored credit card gambit, and their predictions for how the open banking tech stack will shape up in the coming years. 


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00:06:16 – The Future of Spreadsheets: Aleph

00:13:28 – HiFi Cracks Open the Data for Musicians’ Royalty Streams

00:24:44 – Cloverly’s Climate Financing Solutions

00:32:34 – Hypercard’s Consumer Credit Card Powered by Employers

00:42:21 – Manifesting Fintech Ideas: The Evolution of Open Banking

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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson