S5 Ep8: Dadonomics: Mastering the Art of Fintech with Tom and Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
November 22, 2023

With the smell of turkey, thanks, and pumpkin spice filling the air, what better way to celebrate the holiday season than having a candid sit-down conversation with the one man responsible for sparking Alex’s journey to fintech fanaticism? 

That’s right—meet doting dad and OG fintech obsessive himself, Tom Johnson. A fintech maestro with 30 years of industry prowess, Tom’s wisdom, acquired through decades of navigating the fintech landscape, is nothing short of gold. 

He and Alex have a candid conversation about the biggest fintech lessons they’ve learned throughout their tenured careers, including the challenges and opportunities in building fintech infrastructure, the importance of listening to customer pain points, and why building best-of-breed solutions with a long-term strategy in mind is the key to surviving in a rapidly evolving fintech market. 

Plus, find out why that one banker looking to carve out his career might just be your ticket to fintech glory. 


00:01:34 – 30 Years of Fintech Experience

00:04:14 – You’re Just Gonna Have to Trust Me

00:06:36 – Building Configurable Fintech Infrastructure Services

00:14:48 – Selling to Fintech vs. Banks

00:23:59 – Listen to Your Customers

00:31:43 – The Evolution of Infrastructure Orchestration

00:40:44 – When to Start Playing Three-Dimensional Chess in Business

00:43:48 – Transitioning to an Orchestration Role

00:46:08 – Breaking Down Fintech Silos


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson