S5 Ep10: BNC: If SoFi Looks Like a Bank and Quacks Like a Bank…, the CFPB’s New Oversight Rules, Fintech’s Savior Complex Problem

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
December 6, 2023

Alex is joined by the one and only, Kiah Haslett to break down another month of bank and fintech news.

They discuss when, if ever, SoFi will finally be forced to report their earnings like a bank and dissect the weird sub-cult of SoFi bros who are willing to defend the company to the ends of the Twitter universe and back. 

And later, with the CFPB’s new proposed rules allowing them to oversee big tech companies and digital payment providers, what’s the foreseeable impact on the fintech industry?

Plus, Alex and Kiah debate whether or not fintech has a savior complex problem and Kiah explains how her hatred of hoodies landed her in a hotspot this past weekend (prepare for the full history lesson of the hoodie you never expected to get!) before dishing out her juiciest hot takes on the Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson