S5 Ep11: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Wellahead, Increase, Ribbon, Conduiit

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
December 13, 2023

Simon’s out on paternity leave (don’t worry—it’s not like he’s catching up on any lost sleep), but thankfully, we’ve found an awesome substitute — the man, the myth, the early-stage investor extraordinaire, Jared Franklin, who’s helping Alex to break down some interesting fintech startups.

First up, they explore Wellahead (https://www.wellahead.co/), which is focused on helping older consumers (and their families) pay for care and other services by leveraging the equity in their homes.

Next, they dive into a BaaS platform founded by an early Stripe employee. Can Increase (https://increase.com/) outcompete Column and Lead Bank and everyone else in the exciting (and risky) world of BaaS?

Then they discuss Ribbon (https://www.trustribbon.com/), a digital estate services provider focused on helping banks and credit unions retain the next generation of customers and navigate the difficult financial processes after a loved one passes.

And finally, Jared and Alex take a long look at Conduiit (https://conduiit.app/), a financial management platform focused on the film and television industry. What does Conduiit’s product and GTM strategy tell us about what it takes to succeed in vertical B2B fintech?

The guys also spend a few minutes at the end trying to manifest some fintech (and social good) ideas that they’d like to see in the world.


00:01:18 – Jared Franklin: Fintech Expert and Investor

00:03:39 – Solving the Aging Care Affordability Issue with Wellahead

00:11:38 – Increase’s BaaS Platform

00:21:07 – Solving Difficult Estate Planning Solutions with Ribbon 

00:29:24 – Conduiit: Financial Management for the Entertainment Industry

00:38:11 – Manifesting Fintech Ideas


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson