S5 Ep12: 2023’s Most Compelling Fintech Stories

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
December 20, 2023

With the New Year quickly approaching, we’re finding it next to impossible to recall the sheer insanity that’s happened in the wild world of fintech over the past year… and trust us when we say, there’s been a lot that’s gone down. So we’ve brought Mary Ann Azevedo, a senior reporter at TechCrunch, onto the pod to help refresh your memory on everything that happened in 2023. 

From the shocking impact of the Silicon Valley Bank failure to the fraudulent JPMorgan Chase acquisition of Frank, and the difficulty major companies like Stripe faced in their managing their valuations, Alex and Mary Ann recap fintech in 2023. 

Plus, want to know what it takes to make a successful pitch to Alex or Mary Ann? Well, strap in tight because Mary Ann and Alex are sharing their most valuable insights on how to get your pitch past their inboxes. 


00:00:00 – Recapping the Year in Fintech

00:03:41 – Proptech Startup Mortgage.com Struggles After Going Public

00:07:14 – The Ripple Effect of Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure

00:17:14 – Fintechs Face Lower Valuations in 2022

00:27:15 – Lula: A Lean Fintech Success

00:29:04 – Ramp’s Talent Attraction

00:31:27 – The Trend of Acquisitions in Fintech

00:38:02 – Fraudulent JPMorgan Chase Acquisition Raises Concerns

00:42:36 – Improving Pitching Techniques for Success

00:49:26 – The Importance of Exclusive News in Fintech

00:52:23 – How to Get on a Podcast


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson