S6 Ep2: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Foyer, Claim, Crew, and Brico AI

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
January 17, 2024

In this episode of Not Fintech Investment Advice, Alex is joined by the man, the myth, the legend, Simon Taylor, to discuss some of the latest, greatest fintech companies you should definitely not, but also maybe consider investing in. 

Homeownership feels like a pipe dream for young people everywhere, and with so much pessimism and hopelessness surrounding it, how do you hook people back into the home-buying process when they don’t even think it’s obtainable? Foyer is a fintech savings app promising help for home buyers, but can it build enough momentum for its product to take off? 

Then, Simon and Alex talk about the latest social shopping and rewards app targeted towards Gen Z called Claim. While it’s great to help people connect with brands they love, wouldn’t it be nice if the same user experience optimization efforts were applied to more than just apps designed for buying stuff? 

Plus, the guys discuss the pre-see stage company looking to redesign the banking integrated savings experience for families, the regulatory license and charter management AI helping compliance teams with MTLs and lending licenses, before manifesting some fintech ideas, like why their email accounts can’t read their stuff in a more secure way. 


00:01:43 – 2024: A Fascinating Year for Fintech Investment

00:02:42 – Foyer: The 401 for Homeownership

00:13:43 – Claim: The Social Shopping App for Gen Z Consumers

00:25:19 – Crew: Integrated Checking and Savings for Families

00:39:35 – Brico AI: Simplifying Compliance for Fintech

00:50:58 – Manifesting Fintech Ideas


Check out Simon’s 2024 State of Fintech article here: https://sytaylor.substack.com/p/fintech-brainfoods-2023-in-review


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson