S6 Ep6: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Tip Top, Lucite, Rove, and Prosper AI

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 14, 2024

Simon Taylor’s back and fresh off writing his latest in-depth Q1 fintech report to chat with Alex about more potential fintech companies on the rise, including the instant cash electronic trade-in company offering a liquid market at your fingertips, an AI startup seeking to replace investment bank analysts, and the first travel card for Gen Z.

Meet the company that sounds like eBay but we swear isn’t: TipTop. The instant cash for electronics trade-in app is banking on the hopes that people will stop thinking of electronics as something they’ll own forever, and start imagining them more like rented assets. Is this app worth investing in? Let’s just say, that if they can solve 3rd party logistics problems and make the experience frictionless, keep your eyes glued on this one.

We hate to even ask, but… Do we really need another points/reward travel card, folks? Rove certainly thinks so, and we wish them the best of luck in the prison yard battle for points reward card supremacy they’re about to enter. Is their appeal to Gen Z enough to succeed in such a cutthroat market? 

And later, with  Lucite promising to produce investment banking materials and forms, Alex and Simon can’t help but wonder, what will AI do with proprietary data in the years to come? 

Plus, meet Prosper, the modern fund investment platform with a better lifetime maximum asset fee set to compete with Vanguard, and stay tuned as the guys manifest their best fintech ideas.


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson