S6 Ep7: Bank Nerd Corner: New York Community Bank, Panacea Financial, the BSCA, and the State of Auto Lending

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 21, 2024

America’s favorite banking and fintech Editor, Kiah Haslett, drops by to unpack the latest, craziest, and hottest news in the banking world for another round of Bank Nerd Corner with Alex, and this week they’re weighing in on whether the fuss about New York Community Bank is warranted, if car dealers are conspiring to increase prices, and the unusual path of Panacea Financial.

First up, with New York Community Bank taking on a higher refi risk to have much safer credits, we have to ask — what’s got analysts so up in arms? Why is stock price suddenly a proxy for stability for banks in the public market?

Then, Alex and Kiah discuss Panacea Financial, a niche neobank focused on serving healthcare professionals, and its recent funding round before diving into the insane growth in car loans. With overly expensive loans being sold at overinflated car prices, is this the perfect storm for delinquency?  

Plus, Kiah raises several unanswered questions about the BSCA and its enforcement, highlighting the potential implications for fintech partnerships with banks before going off about why deposits, not stock prices, were the reason behind SVB’s failure.


3:28 AOBA Conference Highlights

9:30 New York Community Bank

26:35 Panacea Finacial

38:45 Auto Loan Delinquency on the Rise

51:37 An Unanswerable Question

1:12:10 Go Off, Kiah!


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson