Killing It! –Fintech’s Biggest Disrupters on Startups, Success, and All the Hard Lessons In Between

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 22, 2024

Things in life rarely go as planned. But things in fintech? Well… 

They almost never go as planned. 

So how do you put yourself and your ideas into the fintech world when failure is almost certainly inevitable? What happens when grinding isn’t enough to keep your company afloat? And how do you cope with the potential loss of the idea (and identity) you loved so dearly?

In this special crossover series with Breaking Banks’ Jason Henrichs, he and Fintech Takes’ Alex Johnson sit down with fintech’s biggest innovators, disrupters, and industry changers to glean lessons from their tales of failure, success, and all of the tough decisions they’ve had to make along the way.

Whether you simply have the spark for the next big idea, are a first-time founder, or somewhere in between, you won’t want to miss these incredible insights from some of fintech’s brightest minds. 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson