S6 Ep8: Oh, What a Gorgeous Business Model! (A Deep Dive into ServiceTitan, AmEx, and The Bancorp

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 28, 2024

Let’s face it—profitability is in vogue in fintech again. 

So this week, Alex is mixing it up by taking a deep dive into the most reliably profitable business models in financial services. Which models can we glean lessons from? And which, if any, have repeatable processes worth considering?

Jared Franklin, fintech consultant and the master of waxing poetic about fintech business models, and the author of the Popular Fintech newsletter, Jevgenijs Kazanins, join Alex to break down three of their favorite business models in the fintech ecosystem, starting with ServiceTitan, a software company catering to home services businesses. They discuss ServiceTitan’s multifaceted business model, including subscription fees, financial services, and professional partnerships, highlighting the potential for profitability beyond traditional fintech sectors. 

Then, the guys go over American Express’s unique business model, pondering if Affirm might be trying to steal a few moves from AmEx for themselves. How can AmEx continue to make its network broader so that value continues to accrue for its customers in a way that makes sense? 

Plus, find out more about The Bancorp’s approach to BaaS and its balance sheet optimization strategies to drive its super high return on equity ratio.


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson