Killing It! The Hidden Toll of Startup Success: Matt Harris on Founder Burnout

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
February 29, 2024

Founding a startup is the thing so many fintech entrepreneurs dream about. So what happens when that dream turns into a nightmare? 

In this special crossover series with Breaking Bank’s Jason Henrichs, Alex and Jason are joined by Matt Harris, former founder and CEO of Bloom Credit, and founder/executive coach of TwentySeven Nine, to discuss the challenges and emotional roller coaster that founders face in the startup world. 

Matt shares his story of startup success and burnout, revealing why the journey to foundership, for him, was akin to eating glass. Why did he choose to step down from his role as CEO of such a promising startup? 

Matt unpacks how the unhealthy, codependent dynamics between investors and founders play a huge role in founders’ mental health and reveals how he found a new purpose in helping others reshape their personal work-life boundaries. Hear how he helps others like himself to redefine past trauma and create a healthier, more sustainable workplace for all, and discover why Matt believes that failure doesn’t have to be the end of the story.


00:03:39 – Entrepreneur’s Journey: From Success to Struggle

00:09:53 – Transitioning from Infrastructure to Entrepreneur

00:14:13 – Stepping Down from Bloom

00:24:07 – Importance of the Journey in Entrepreneurship

00:27:37 – Navigating Vulnerability in Startup Funding

00:29:11 – Understanding the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching

00:33:08 – Navigating Investor Feedback as a Founder

00:35:22 – Understanding Codependency in VC Relationships

00:42:33 – Challenges in Raising Business Funds

00:43:47 – Helping Founders Manage Burnout Successfully

00:54:17 – Navigating Failure: Embracing Acceptance and Growth


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson