S6 Ep11: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Chipp.ai, Whop, Revenew, and NayaOne

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
March 20, 2024

Simon Taylor’s back on the podcast and he’s excited (but oh so exhausted) to be talking about some of fintech’s most promising startups with Alex.

First up on the docket, is Chipp.ai the next Shopify for AI? As a platform offering to build custom AI prompts, can Chipp.ai help freelancers productize themselves? Since the rise of AI, freelancers have needed to gain greater leverage over their unique set of skills to fit market demand—will this be the solution to weaponize them?

And as if there weren’t enough apps competing to become the next Shopify of (fill in the industry), Simon and Alex are tackling Whop, the Shopify-like marketplace connecting buyers and sellers to sell entrepreneurial opportunities on the internet. Want a marketplace for learning how to day trade? Whop’s on it. Need a community where you can learn how to become an influencer? Then Whop’s your homeboy. Need a place where you can’t be entirely sure you didn’t just enroll in an influencer Ponzi scheme? Then call us cynical elder millennials, but Whop may not be right for you (because it’s definitely not right for us). But it is right for someone, so maybe there’s hope yet?

Then, Alex and Simon discuss the one company out there that’s not looking to become the next Shopify of anything, Revenew. Is the platform, which is helping companies to manage complex payment flows by providing a complete payment breakdown, a brilliant ploy or way too niche to succeed? 

Plus, what’s the deal with NayaOne’s unique “Sandbox as a Service” approach? Can NayaOne actually help to eliminate the massive amounts of work that go into finding new fintech partners? And later, Simon manifests building the next Moody’s and Alex ruminates on how to solve the reluctance of Buy Now, Pay Later to share their data with credit bureaus. 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson