S6 Ep12: Workshopping Fintech Theses

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
March 27, 2024

This week, Alex is joined by Gabby Cazeau (Partner at Harlem Capital) and Emily Man (Partner at Primary Ventures) to workshop some theories about the future of fintech. 

With open banking rules for the U.S. being finalized this year, it’s clear that cashflow underwriting is about to have its time in the sun — do we have the necessary infrastructure in place to fully capitalize on it?

Then, Alex, Gabby, and Emily dive into the increasing concerns surrounding fraud and identity due to the rise of AI. Is there a better way to develop solutions other than playing a game of Whack-a-Mole each time problems pop up? The crew noodles on some potential solutions worth considering.

Plus, what role can LLMs play in helping to increase automation in accounting? And what the heck are shadow banks? Learn why these institutions are responsible for managing risks that regular banks don’t want to take on, and what it may mean for the way we think about underwriting and portfolio management solutions.  


1:47 Workshopping Fintech Theses

2:53 Open Banking 

15:28 Fraud Solutions

28:14 Accounting and Tax Automation

36:44 Shadow Banking

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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson