S7 E4: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Modak Makers, Casap, Silver, Elpha Secure

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 1, 2024

Alex is back with the great and powerful Simon Taylor to unpack some of fintech’s most interesting fintech startups.

We’re barely beginning the month of May, and it looks like there’s yet another family credit card app to unpack—but this one actually feels different. Can Modak Makers succeed where other family cards have floundered? And how does its unique points rewards system for things like chores, sensible savings habits, and step count help it to distinguish itself from the pack?  

Then, Alex and Simon tackle Casap, a new customer-centric chargeback and dispute management system that firmly believes the customer is always right. But if the customer is a fraudster… should they always be right? The guys noodle on a few ideas about how it may (or may not) be possible to make a less fraud-friendly, more customer-centric app.

Plus, does anyone truly know how an HSA or an FSA works? Silver is certainly banking on it, and hoping that its HSA/FSA rebates program is enough to reel potential consumers in—but does it have a customer acquisition model worth its weight? 

And later, Alex and Simon cover Elpha Secure, the cybersecurity insurance app looking to bundle its software with its insurance service, before manifesting a few ideas about creating a dynamic pricing app and revamping the entire video game industry. 


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02:09 Modak Makers

12:58 Casap

28:38 Silver

41:06 Elpha Secure

51:38 Manifesting Fintech Ideas


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson