S7 Ep8: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Kudos, Azimuth, Layer, and Carputty

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
May 29, 2024

Another day, another credit card reward app to unpack. But this time, is it actually possible we’ve found the one reward app to rule them all? 

Alex and Simon Taylor discuss the promising rewards optimization app, Kudos,

which helps users determine which credit card is optimal for maximizing points on purchases. Will Kudos change the rewards space forever? And if consumers expect points to be optimized at every turn, then what does this mean for the future of the rewards system? Alex and Simon make some predictions on what comes next for the promising company—will they launch their own card with an intelligent interface or sell their tech to neobanks and let them duke it out?

Then they break down Azimuth, the compliance effectiveness testing suite for lenders. While automated compliance testing has been the standard in fintech for a while, will moving to a more automated approach be the solve for sampling problems for banks?

And can anyone ever disrupt QuickBooks? Unlikely. So how can SaaS companies get a foot in edgewise against the Intuit behemoth? Alex and Simon break down Layer and explain how its embedded software approach might be an adjacent way to compete against QuickBooks.

Plus, the guys also discuss the consumer-centric auto financing app that seeks to treat car purchases more like assets, Carputty, before manifesting a few ideas for fintech, including a better cross-selling solution for banks and credit unions and an AI that filters out scam conversations. 


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson