S7 E11: Not Fintech Investment Advice: Frich, Constellation, daloopa and Block

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
June 20, 2024

You should never take fintech investment advice from podcasters— and thankfully, Alex and Simon are definitely not giving out fintech investment advice on this week’s podcast.

Speaking of things you should never do, comparing yourself to others certainly tops that list. But what if you knew what normal spending looked like amongst your peers? That’s the philosophy that the wealth benchmarking app, Frich is banking on, and you know what? It might actually be a good thing. Targeting Gen Z, the app aims to tackle the gaps between reality and social media by shining a spotlight on how much users make and spend on things like rent, salary, and amenities.

Then, Alex and Simon discuss Constellation, the app striving to improve workflows and automate the creative process in highly regulated industries by creating assets at scale. We have to ask— did we really need this when large-scale corporations have already perfected this process using internal methods? Is it sellable to anyone in fintech or will Constellation figure out a way to go to market through banking partners instead?

And later, the guys break down how daloopa increases your spreadsheet superpowers using generative AI and debate whether or not Jack Dorsey’s Block is still a profitable model. With Apple Wallet becoming the center of gravity for all other apps, is Block’s Cash App still relevant? And why can’t the Block team get Square and Cash App to play nicely together?

Plus, Simon manifests the de novo charter into a US existence and Alex wonders whether or not there’s room for one savings app to rule them all.

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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson