S7 E12: How Payment Insurance Enhances Consumer Financial Health

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
June 26, 2024

Alex is joined by Danielle Sesko, Director of Product Management and Innovation at TruStage, to delve into the crucial role of embedded payment insurance in lending and its potential to enhance consumer financial health.

How does payment insurance safeguard borrowers against job loss or disability, lower delinquency rates, and boost lender competitiveness? Danielle and Alex explore the rise of digital lending and discuss why the need for payment insurance across the lending industry has grown over the past few decades.

With consumers one paycheck away from making a loan payment— and unemployed consumers being forced to take out loans while they struggle for months to find a new job— loan payment insurance is more relevant than ever before. So what role can it play in helping consumers to become more financially secure? And is there a way to design a better product that benefits both consumers and lenders? 

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00:04:46 – Payment Insurance Products

00:06:40 – Protecting Cash Flow with Loan-Connected Insurance

00:07:50 – Consumer Lending and Payment Insurance

00:14:55 – Digital Lending Simplified

00:20:07 – Shrinking Bank Market Share Post-Crisis

00:21:44 – Specialized Lending Ecosystem for Digital Lenders

00:28:46 – Consumer Financial Health’s Impact on Insurance

00:32:39 – Living Close to the Edge: Financial Struggles Across Segments

00:41:19 – Loan Protection Against Economic Risks

00:52:28 – Embedded Payment Insurance Revolutionizes Lending

00:56:03 – Impact of Collections on Business

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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson