BONUS EPISODE: Terry Angelos on Visa’s Latest Announcements and the Future of Payments

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
July 3, 2024

In this special end-of-season bonus episode, Terry Angelos, former SVP and Global Head of Fintech for Visa joins Alex to break down what Visa’s recent string of announcements might mean for the future of payments.

What is Visa Flexible Credential, and how is it shaping up to change the way we view credit and debit cards? Find out how this innovative technology enables multiple credentials on a single card and gives consumers vastly more flexibility in choosing how they pay.

Terry also shares his thoughts on the future of pay-by-bank and the ongoing experimentation in the space, before diving into the advantages of integrating passkeys and the potential benefits of utilizing data token opt-ins for consumers.

Tune in to discover how these advancements are poised to change the landscape of payments and banking.

00:00:03 – Visa Executive Shares Fintech Insights

00:01:22 – Visa’s Latest Announcement Sparks Interest

00:04:05 – Understanding Flex Credentials in Payment Selection

00:14:57 – Future of Bank-to-Bank Payments Technology

00:18:35 – Banking Infrastructure: Cynical vs. Optimistic

00:27:56 – Fast Follower Wins in Fintech

00:28:35 – Visa Introduces Passkeys for Seamless Online Payments

00:39:26 – Amazon Introduces Data Token Opt-In

00:44:00 – Visa’s Acquisition Creates Visa Commerce Network


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Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson